Audio Record - Metronome?

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Hey, loving the app so far. I just have one question. Is there any way to enable the metronome when recording audio? I'd like to make audio loops of guitar and other instruments (I'm not big on electronic music), but it's impossible to sync my playing with the project. If it's not possible now, it would be great to see this in a future update.


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    Im not sure because i dont record with ny device but, a few suggestions.
    1 i wouldnt recore on your idevice,rather just record on yoir comp if possible, then make into a .wav file, youll get much better quality. But thats if you have that type of tech.
    2. If you need a metronome, try searching online to find a free one while you record and play into your device.
    3. If not that, if theres another idevice around download itick, a free metronome app.

    Hope to have helped. Good suggestion btw.
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    Thanks for your reply. I have a decent amateur home studio, but I'd like to record demos and random musical ideas away from my computer. Hopefully this will be possible in the future, but until then I'll have to use Fourtrack.
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    I checked out this forum hoping to find a way to do this. It seems pretty obvious that a metronome would be helpful while recording audio into Beatmaker. Yes, I can do that and so much more in Digital Performer on my laptop, but the idea is to work with what I have when the inspiration hits.

    I'm not saying Beatmaker doesn't live up to its promises, it does and more, but this would be a helpful feature.

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