Projects play back at increased speed

This has been happening since before the 2.5.9 update. Randomly, my projects playback at a faster speed than when they were created. Possibly 20% faster...very noticeable. The tempo is not changed, yet the project plays back faster. Very strange. I try rebooting, but no luck. I have no idea what could cause this.


  • Same thing here! Very frustrating. Pitch-wise, I have to drop samples -2 (+50 fine). But it's screwy because as mre8 mentioned, everything goes faster. Love the app (use it daily) but please check this out!
  • To clarify, I've been using Beatmaker since v1 on all kinds of iPods, iPads and iPhones. The problem showed up on my newly purchased iPhone 6s. When I export out the track and send it to Dropbox it plays fine but as mre8 said, in BM2 everything is sped up about 20%. Please fix, I use it daily! Thanks for a great app.
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    Yes, I just bought an iPhone 6 a few months ago and I am noting all kinds of a Erratic behavior. I don't know if it is the phone or iOS 9 .2.

    For instance, in the arrange window, the + that is next to the mute in arm buttons just does not work anymore. I was trying to import an audio file to the audio track and noticed this. The plus button does not work on any of the tracks for me. If I swipe my finger up and down the list of tracks in the arrange window, the tracks get larger and smaller… Sometimes.

    It crashes often.

    Damn. I have had this since version one. It is my go to music app and has been rock solid until now. I can only speculate and hope they are not fixing these problems because there is some grand version three on the horizon. I'm really bummed out. I have made some amazing music with this app over The past X number of years.
  • Hi all!

    The issue here is the playback speed that hasen't been sorted out yet, anyone from support to give us a feedback?
  • Bumping for update. Had the same problem with an imported .wav sample being squeezed and playing back too fast. Using iOS 9.2.0 with iPad Air 2. Ultimately had to erase the project and start it again with reduced BPM (not that that should really have a bearing on the problem). It had the same problem so I restarted the app and restarted the project with a reduced BPM (again, uncertain if this had any effect) which fixed my issue. I'm installing 9.2.1 FYI.
  • I too have the very same issue on iphone 6s,I notice that if i 'minimize' the app (push the home button to view open apps) that the pitch and speed of the project changes,as if the sample rate has changed.I then need to re-open the project for it to return to the correct speed/pitch.
  • Hello guys,

    We fixed an issue to sample rate changes.
    The update has been submitted over the week-end so it should be available this week.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,
  • I'm presuming the issue I was reffering to was indeed a sample rate issue then?If so,great news that it's going to be fixed. :smile:
  • Thank you all! :-)
  • A year later... searching this topic and found a thread I started... similar issue as before, but EXPORTED wav files are playing faster than the project. This might need a new thread...
  • Hey @mre8

    What device and iOS version are you running?
    Is your device connected to an external audio interface or using anything else than the speaker output or headset?

    Let me know!

  • @mathieugarcia ...oops lost track of this thread. I guess the problem doesn't happen enough. This has happened while using ios 10.3.1 on an iPhone 6s plus. BUT, as I said this also happened in the past with older phones and ios versions. It doesn't happen enough to be a major issue though... Using BM3 now, so we'll see

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