Synthmaster player no sound in bm3

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I can't get this darn synth to work in bm3.
Loads up in bm3 but no sound is heard.

I have an ipad air 2.

This synth is driving me nuts lately,sent them an email as well as it refuses to load in audiobus 3 and cubasis 2.



  • Working fine here with my ipad air 2 and ios 10.3.2.
    Check the Midi settings in BM3 for Synthmaster Player!

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    Thank you slaq,it's working!

    Thanks for your helpful settings.

    P.S. I recommend getting the new synth by yonac,kaspar as well.



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    I'll be adding a MIDI button shortcut down the plugin page, to ease the workflow.
    We feed IAA MIDI data directly but some plugins will use virtual MIDI ports instead.
    BM3 tries to match any port that will appear and auto-bind to it, but as you can see this is not working 100% of time.


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  • The MIDI settings work to get sound but samples sound different on BM3 than they do on Syntmaster. Anyone know why that is and how to fix it? Thanks!

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