Switch sequenced drumkit per pad..

Not able to try this atm and struggling to figure it out in my head.

If I have -
Bank 1. Pad 1- a sliced drumkit
Bank 1. Pad 2 - a different sliced drumkit

Sequencer -
Bank 1-Pattern 1 - Simple beat using the sliced kit on Bank 1, pad 1.

Is there a quick way to switch it so that pattern 1 is playing the sliced kit on pad2 playing instead?

Like can I give every pad the same midi info and then just solo the drumkit I want to use?

Just thinking about setting up project templates and wondering how feasible/practical it is to throw a bunch of 'go-to' drumkits in to one 'drums' Bank. A different sliced kit on each pad that can be easily auditioned/selected for the 'current pattern'.

This would also be an amazing set up for when resampling is unlocked.. Enabling resampling a drum pattern whilst switching drumkits in realtime ;)


  • Edit - I think if this isn't already possible then maybe would be pretty easy to add with an 'all pads receive same midi from sequencer' kind of option (or assignable midi per pad)?

    @mathieugarcia Is this already inside somewhere and I missed it maybe?
  • If you have a sliced kit being played on pad 1 (Chromatic MIDI)
    Then you want the kit to be played on pad 2 (Chromatic MIDI) instead
    You just create two patterns for that bank, the first pattern has the MIDI on pad 1, the second pattern has the MIDI on pad 2.
    I may be misunderstanding what you need though.

  • Thanks :) That would be a workflow nightmare for what I'm thinking of tho, constant having to duplicate a pattern to each of the 64 pads...

    Dunno if you ever used an Op1 but you can cycle through drumkits (which are basically sliced samples on op1) and audition kits in context of pattern/switch to kits instantly etc. And you can also resample this while you're switching kits. Things gets interesting very quickly ;)

    I was planning to set up 64 drumkits across a bank of pads and use that bank the same kind of ways I would when Im using an Op1. Not the same but a close imitation. Would be a super fast workflow after it was set up and saved as a project template.

    I think for what I'm looking to do there would need to be an option where 'all pads receive same track pattern info'... Or if you could press pad and a menu appear and then assign them to the same midi or kind of link pads to groups for this.. Or something...

    Doesn't seem like something intua would be in a rush to add but if it was there a lot of hardware type users would be all over it ;)
  • You just need a MIDI track in the arranger that can be assigned to any pad of any bank, hopefully an update at some point.

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    +1 :)

    Edit - not sure that'd do it? It would need to be assigned to all pads at once...

    Seems like something that would need to be set up from the pads end of things?
  • Ohhhh, cant you just use pad link ?

  • Maybe! For some reason I didn't think pad link was implemented yet :/ I'll check pad link out and potentially feel like a (contented) dumbass ;)
  • It works! Thanks @5pinlink

    To test I just loaded two random different loops on pads 1 + 2. Auto sliced 16 slices each. Panned the pads left and right. Sequenced a simple beat. Linked pads. Instant interesting stuff going on. With layers etc this kind of stuff is gonna be a rabbit hole to mess around with, beyond what I'd originally had in mind :)

    Also just realised you can have loop active for the individual slices. With some amp release it makes for some interesting delays/rolls when used with slices. Shame you can't modulate amp release but plenty of stuff to mess with as it is :)
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    Having an envelope on sample loop end point, having it shorten as the note plays on a drum hit is an amazing way to get super synced glitchy delays, sounds amazing.

    Quite rare for a sampler to support it though.
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