Wont export individual tracks as waves (Fixed 3.0.3)

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When I attempt to export individual tracks, the start export feature only appears if I choose AAC but I want to export waves


  • Can confirm. When exporting as wav the extra setting to export as 16/24/32 bit comes up and this blocks the "start export" label? Better to put the export preferences in the settings menu perhaps.

    @strizbiz just tap the bottom of the menu. There's no label but it's there.
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    Will look into that :-) Thanks for the report.


    EDIT: fixed.

  • Can confrim that the 'Start Export' button only shows up when exporting as AAC.

  • Took the opportunity to improve the layout as well.
    Fix available in the upcoming 3.0.3 update.


  • Just for fun, maybe think about adding an "open in" after export option, for example, rendered tracks can be automatically zipped and copied over to another app like Cubasis, Auria, Audioshare, or any other compatible app.

  • That's actually a really good idea, I promised myself not to add anything for 3.0.3, but I'm adding this in the backlog for sure.


  • Thread merge...

    @Kjrk said:

    I wanted to export in BM3 stems.
    Now I'm stuck, I'm there somehow missing a button to the export, or am I missing what da?
    Thank you for your help!

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