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Tempo information isn't being saved with the session. Every song that I load defaults to the tempo of the last song that I loaded. Example: I write a song at 120 BPM, then save it. I load another sessoin that I saved at 60 bpm, but it forgets that tempo and loads at 120 BPM as well.

I feel like I saw someone else post about this someone, so sorry if this is a repeat.


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    Might be Ableton Link related, Is it on?



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    Ok, apparently that was what was happening. Duh! : ) But still, I wasn't running any other Ableton Link apps. Shouldn't it default to the tempo that's saved with the session? If it's not a bug, then it's defintiely something that should be the default behavior. It kinda plays havoc if you haven't made sure to turn on live stretch with your audio.

  • I think this may be expected behaviour and would be an advantage, example
    If you were playing live and were in a link session that was running at 120BPM, your current track would be at 120BPM, if you then needed to load in a new track but stay in sync, if it switched to 60BPM while in the link session it would not be in sync (OK bad choice because it would be in sync half time, but you get my point) so it automagically changes the loaded project to the current link BPM and would be expected behaviour.

  • Thanks 5pinlink, I appreciate the info. Now that I know what's going on it's much easier to kinda plan the order that I launch things. I kinda feel lame for not thinking about Link being being the reason for the tempo shifts. I've experienced that in other apps and didn't think to check that here.

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    I think it is a slight coloring design flaw @mathieugarcia ?
    Perhaps the Link icon should be a red or something when link is enabled, it is too important a setting that could be missed as on only being white.

  • I don't mind it being 'white = Ableon Link is enabled' to be honest, now that I know what's happening. There is also the added green bar that flashes on launch to let you know that Ableton Link is enabled. From a UI standpoint, I do appreciate the fact that it's on the main screen. That's a nice feature. Other apps tend to bury it in Settings.

  • Yeah it is refreshing for link to be upfront, it is an indicator that should be on view at all times, like you say, sadly missing in other apps.

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