Consolidated Request list - will update soon

edited October 2018 in Feature Requests

This was an experiment to see if a list was useful to forum users, it wasn't, nobody read it anyway hahaha.
This wont ever be getting updated again ;)

This is NOT a list of upcoming features, This is NOT a roadmap, it is here just so that us users of BM3 can see if a request has already been made, NON of these features are forthcoming unless specifically stated as so by one of the developers of BM3


Better file handling RE Sample duplication
Browser Preview volume on Browser UI, Preview volume propagation
Tools for faster browsing long lists
Tag a folder to tag entire contents
Add tags during import
Browsing tweaks for long names/refresh
Dropbox/Audioshare/Google drive preview
Loaded preview/Preview in place
Add to current sample, next slice
Add to layer, next key
Add to layer
Transport start/stop in browser
Alphabetize and folders first
Batch/folder import of samples
Sorting types
Browser remember place
Load scene option when loading bank


Change samples without resetting entire pad
MIDI CC control of sampler parameters
Latch mode for pads
Latch mode for pads pt2
Latch mode with random access
Sampler as AUv3
Key detect
Auto base note
Sample up down buttons/folder browse
Round/Random robin
Dynamic fade handles for the fade in fade out in sample editor
Loop point automation
Rename samples
Better sample slice naming
Move playback cursor in edit
Auto trim silence
Modulation across layers
Move all samples in pad to one layer
Granular features
Pre roll for sample record
Sync record
Move markers with buttons
Direct save of sample with sampler settings baked in


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