BeatMaker 3 Pad Note MIDI Out?


BM3 can set the MIDI out note of a pad.
Why is that not carried over to when the pad is activated via MIDI in?

I’m trying to remap incoming notes to different outgoing notes,
to try different drum machines with preset sequences.

It would be nice to see all the incoming notes in a matrix like we can in BM3,
is there an easier, more intuitive way to remap than Midiflow?

Sincerely wish BM3 carried over its pad note remap scheme to incoming MIDI...


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    Because they are not related, when you send a MIDI message you trigger what is held on the pad be it a sampler or a plugin, you do not trigger the pad then the pad triggers what it holds.

    I can understand that you want a MIDI remapper but it is nothing at all to do with that particular setting and would be completely useless set up as so.
    Imagine having a drum plugin like ruismaker loaded on a pad, you cant use that setting to remap the MIDI notes because all the MIDI notes are being sent to a single pad/single plugin, and that pad note setting is for a single pads MIDI send note.

    Like i say i understand the need for note mapping for sure, but that setting is nothing to do with it ;)

  • Wow, bummer. I’m the post original post author over at Audiobus (props TJA-!).

    The world would be such a better place if a visual matrix note remapper were on iOS.
    I thought I was so close, and BeatMaker 3 seems 99% there.
    Can this be a feature request? nothing else does this currently I believe ...(?)

    Thanks 5pinlink for the quick response

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    I have chatted about this in the past with @mathieugarcia and it is something he is interested in for sure ;)

    But i suspect with the onset of MIDI AU, this is the sort of thing that is going to come as a plugin from some developer pretty soon too ;) cough* @brambos cough* (no pressure hahaha)

  • I don’t know midiflow, but I am using Midifire for this, and it works well

  • I’m happy to report that BM3 seems to be functioning exactly as I wished. If the Bank MIDI setting is set to Single Channel mode, then as long as any sample is loaded onto a pad, that pad will convert the incoming note to whatever is set in Pad/Channel/Pad Note setting / as an outgoing MIDI note.
    A silence sample does just fine ;)

    No Audiobus/Midiflow/MidiFire trickery needed.
    BM3 is a visual matrix note converter out of the box.

    (+wow glad to see Audeonic is back in the game...thanks for the tip)

  • Nice workaround :)

  • Some more on why, from the Audiobus thread:

    Nice work! I’m still not clear on why you want to do this. Is it just a visual mapping thing where you can see your MIDI pads being triggered?

    No, not just that, but the pad being triggered can in turn trigger any midi note you would like. It’s a very fast way of matching up a sequence to a sound. Beatmaker is acting as a midi filter in between other apps.

    Think like this, you have all these groovy sequences in Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer, and you want to use them with MoDrum. Beatmaker can transform the incoming sequences from YMMS, and send a pad to any MoDrum instrument you like, with the ability to change on the fly. BM as midi filter/transformer

  • Yeah it will work for that specific use case, but i think the confusion came because (in my case at least) i thought you meant for AUv3 where this workaround wont work and we still need remapping/splits at some point down the line.

    But in my own case i prefer something so niche to be a 3rd part MIDI AU.

  • ...the beauty of a proper DAW is that it’s so large a playing field, you never know what it might be capable of-! Thank you for making BM3, a real beast of a sandbox to play in

  • Point your thanks at Intua, the rest of just watch on in amazement :)

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