QuNeo BM3 Presets

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Anyone tackle this yet? IMO QuNeo is the perfect midi controller for BM3 but I haven’t had the opportunity to update the BM2 template that comes installed in QuNeo. Would love to hear if and how others are using QuNeo with BM3, or other iOS apps like Gadget.


  • I think you'll find the BM2 template quite outdated now. BM3 has too many new possibilities. I made a BM3 one and shared it in an earlier thread if you can track it down, but I admit I haven't used it too much yet. I'd probably update it with new knowledge by now, too. Will have a look.

  • Thanks @aaronp. I’ll try to track down your other post. BM3 has become my go to software along with Gadget as I try to go full mobile. Getting QuNeo all mapped out is my new goal over the next few weeks. I’ll share anything I come up with in here.

  • I was interested in getting one myself, but the reports on the Sensel have been that it is superb, so im hedging towards the Sensel now.

  • What is this new wizardry you speak of @5pinlink? Actually, don’t tell me. I promised I wouldn’t buy anymore gear.lol

  • oh the Morph. Does look nice. Wireless option too. Mannnnn. I need a demo ASAP.

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    AB forum member posted this video of Sensel Morph in action controlling Gadget...

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