Anybody had this issue

I layered 2 pads together just single shot drum hits and then BM3 got super slow. So slow to the point I had to close it out. Personally I think it a bug. I have a iPad Pro 10.5


  • Not had this myself on an Air 2 or Mini 2, @ronji anything similar on your pro ?

  • I don't believe I've experienced this on my 2015 pro (first gen). Are there still weird performance issues with the more recent pros? I might be mistaken but I think I remember seeing people with the 2017+ pros having performance issues that one would not expect on more recent and more powerful hardware.

    I'd be happy to load up a session to see if I have the same performance hit, if you'd like to zip one up and share it, @stoozart. Were these just one-shot samples, trimmed, without any effects or anything else going on? Has it happened more than the once?

  • Layered up a couple pads with a couple drum hits like this? Has no performance impact whatsoever for me

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