Crash on assigning Macros (fixed on 3.0.11)

edited November 2018 in Bug reports

100% reproducible.(iOS 11.4, Air2)
I assign 1 macro for Saturation, Resonance and Gain. All have different ranges and the gain has reversed (to smooth the res&sat boost)
When assigning cutoff to Macro 2, on Macro 1 there are duplicated entries and when I try to delete them BM3 crashes.

I have some crash logs but don’t want to upload them publicly (unless they don’t contain any personal data).



  • Already reported, so can fully confirm this.

  • I tried using the search function but could not set filters ,eg
    “Macro” , in Category “Bug Reports” , “in tittle only”

    It would be useful to avoid posting same issues , but my mistake !

    Hopefully the Macro issue will be fixed on next update :)

  • I didnt post it anyway, i reported it direct to the developer.

    Dont worry about multiple reports, i kept the bug report forum tidy for months, nobody bothered anyway and kept starting new threads, it isnt an option to keep it tidy, so just report away ;)

  • Fixed (3.0.11) :)

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