BM3 Battle 13 - Video Game Song Remix (Deadline 14 Oct.)

BM3 Battle 13 - Video Game Song Remix: System Shock 2: Engineering

Remix this song in BM3. It doesn't have to be a 1:1 remix, it can be unrecognizable, but include at least 1 element from the original song. That 1 element could be samples from the song, or the notes or chord progressions, etc. You can add other elements, like vox, raps, more synths, instruments, & beats, etc. Make it as short or as long as you like.

The Song: Engineering scene from System Shock 2 by RobotKid, Ramin Djawadi, & Eric Brosius.
35MB; Duration: 3:30; 16bit 44.1kHz wav file; ~180BPM (thanks ronji):

OR USE THESE TEN 8-BAR CHOPS: I chopped up the song to save you time. 4x Beats & 6x Arps. Each is 1.8MB & 8-bars long at 180BPM. The entire song can be recreated using these:

Additional In-Game Sounds: (150mb of low-Q wav files)(These are Great!):

Additional Information from RobotKid:

RobotKid's Original Source Stem Master Loops:

YouTube (for reference only-use the Dropbox link above for the best quality):

The Rules: None, other than the "1 or more elements from the original" mentioned above.

The Procedure: Upload your song to Dropbox, click the button to share it, copy the link. On this forum, 'Message' @5pinlink with the link.

The Deadline: 14th of October.



  • Do not comment your submission. Make sure you hit the message button!

  • For those who don't happen to read the description of the full soundtrack video, the engineering scene starts at 7:22

  • Thanks ronji. I removed the YouTube link to the full soundtrack, and replaced it with just the single song.

  • Probably the better idea, thanks! And this is gonna be so dope!

  • This seems perfectly 180bpm

  • Yes System Shock 2!

  • No melody?

    I guess that's why we call it a challenge!

    Let battle commence..

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    ronji: Thanks again!
    mefisme: SS2 was THE game changer. :/
    tk32: I thought it would be a good candidate for rolling your own basslines & melodies.
    EDIT: I'll add samples of SHODAN and the cyborgs later once I find them.

    BPM Calculators:

  • Understood. Very happy to roll my own ;)

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    FYI - just in case you didn't know already...

    That first break in the track is the famous 'Hot Pants' (Bobby Byrd) drum loop:

  • I have a feeling the turntable ninja @5pinlink can probably ID all the other breaks too ;)

  • yo @The_Bro now that you got BM3, you gonna enter this?

  • He better do... :)

  • Found most of the in-game sounds on the sounds-resource site. Link is above. 150mb of low-Q wav files.

  • Thanks @TONBOGIRI

    Really excited about the opportunities for another uptempo dance track.

    Get ready, my track is already packing some serious punch :)

  • Good to hear your coming along. I'm in the same rut as last battle, but there's still plenty of time.
    I think I'll just play the song backwards and add some samples from
    Check out the folders: Assassin, Midwife, OGRUNT, Overlord, SECBOT, Shodan, actually lots of good stuff in there...Plenty of material for melodies, basslines, alarms, sfx, etc. :)

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    I'm going to chop up elements from the song into a Bank Preset if anyone wants to use it, and also help others ease into it.
    Also going to chop up elements from x and the in-game sounds. Will post them later.

  • Hope everyone's track is starting to progress well - I have a feeling this could be an awesome up-tempo battle month.

    I'm bringing my A-game to this challenge, so watch out!

  • Yum, ok, having fun. :)

  • Thanks so much for the 8-bar chops @TONBOGIRI

    This really makes it easy for newcomers to get involved. no excuses GUYS! (and gals)

  • The more I play this, the more it reminds of of the original Wipeout game for Playstation 1.

    Ahhh. Good memories :)

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    @tk32 said:
    The more I play this, the more it reminds of of the original Wipeout game for Playstation 1.

    Ahhh. Good memories :)

    I love wipeout! I picked up the xl printed soundtrack at a thrift store literally just a few weeks ago! So strange. Xl wasn’t as good. I was a jetmoto guy too though. It was always a hard choice to decide which one to play.

    I’ve decided to join this battle. Downloading....let’s see what happens.

  • Jet Moto was my jam

  • All fails, Rage Racer FTW on a chipped PS1, ripped with your own soundtrack ;)

  • edited September 2018

    I’m pretty sure I began drinking soda after jetmoto. Dang the marketing in that. Diet mind you.

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    Chipped PS1, with blu-tak on the open lid detector button, using Tekken as a boot disc.

    The summer of 1995 ;)

  • edited September 2018

    At age 14, it took some nerve getting your precious £300 console chipped with a soldering iron by the local triads. Haha.

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater did it for me.

  • Grim Fandango and merlot baby!

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