When inserting Rozeta in a bank I get no sound (3.0.11)

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As the title says can't hear any sound when loading Rozeta as bank fx
Edit : on v3.0.11
Update : Not a bug , it’s just how BM3 (currently) works ....
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  • Switch the bank to keys mode on the pad you wish to hear.

  • Still doesn't work as I type :(
    Also I hope it's not the default behavior since I need to trigger other pads in the same bank ,since BM3 followed the 1 bank 64 'separate' pads concept

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    Works if i turn on keys mode the selected pad ?
    Let me know if you need a video ?

  • First things first. Are you talking about a synth in a pad or a sample in a pad?
    I try to hear samples!

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    Ignore the crap sound, i left the damn mic on record too lol

  • And now we finally came to conclusion that (my fault), I wasn't describing the problem correctly.

    I touch a pad and hear sound. Nice but I am a bit rusty so I recorded some midi notes.
    Nice ,
    pressing play I hear the prerecorded pattern and I jam along.
    Everything works!
    I am thinking , now with the update I will launch Rozeta . Launched XOX to the bank , I noticed that when touching the pads I hear nothing, also I can't hear anymore the pattern I made.
    Everything is silent .
    XOX works (needs setting the notes) and bank in single midi mode but I can't play anything.
    Only XOX is heard.......

  • you just want XOX on one pad ?

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    @5pinlink said:
    you just want XOX on one pad ?

    Irrelevant .

    Load a bank full of samples and hit any pad. You do hear a sound, right?
    Now ,load any rozeta plugin you want (it definitely doesn't matter what.)
    Hit a pad now .
    Does it produce sound or not?

    For me it doesn't.

  • Yes, as i shoed in the video above, 16 samples on 16 pads, i choose one, rozetta plays it?
    I think im missing something, im just not sure what, sorry :(

  • No worries !
    I found a way 99.99% you'll understand what I am saying.
    Just load rozeta XY.
    Can you touch a pad (a pad of the bank ,not rozeta's xy) and hear sound ?

  • Aaah sorry, i got it now, yes the pads as you hit them are not durectly linked to the sampler/instrument that is shown on that pad, they are in fact MIDI, so the first MIDI input, that MIDI input is not being pass thru by Rozetta (which is normal but another reason why MIDI effect chains are useless here)
    If you load Rozeta scaler, you will then hear the MIDI pass thru from the pads allbeit within a specific scale.

    MIDI effects chain is just a plain silly idea that needs a rethink.

  • @korakios confirmed that a rozeta module will make sound as it plays into the pad, however they also want to be able to hit/tap/touch pads to make sounds or hear programmed patterns for the pad just like when there are no rozeta module loaded. loading rozeta onto a pad makes it so that only rozeta will be able to trigger sound from the pad.

  • Yeah, see my explanation above, Rozetta has no MIDI thru

  • oops, I didn't realize I was so behind with my reply, didn't see your other replies =)

  • I know Intua listens (not fast :p ) ,but hope they change the design :)

  • The old way was perfect, just needed the sync fixing.

  • So... no way to actually record the midi anymore?

  • Even in its current state, locked to a pad/bank without any routing, I don't understand why we can't record the midi. It's totally different than recording the midi from tapping the pads or playing an external midi controller? Doesn't make sense that the midi data can't be recorded, to me at least. Seems like an actual bug, like surely it's supposed to at least let you record the midi, but it's just not working... Or am I not understanding something here?

  • I need to copy paste my reply from the other thread lol

  • It is impossible unfortunately.
    The chain works like this...
    1 MIDI input (hardware or on screen keys or pads)
    2 MIDI effcts (AU MIDI)
    3 Sound source (AUi or Sampler, either of these are needed to make the bank active)
    4 Recorder
    As you can see, the ability to record is AFTER the sound source, so when you record it records audio from the sound source.
    There is no routing of MIDI, until there is routing you wont be able to record, if we have routing, we dont need MIDI effects chains, that is why this feature is a quandry.

  • Well , decided BM3 currently is not for me (too many workarounds of combining external host for AU midi and creating virtual midi ports / routings ) .
    The fact that you insert a midi fx and can’t trigger manually the pads killed it.

    So instead of checking here and the App Store for any updates , I’ll just delete BM3 (again :p )

    If midi routing will change ,I would appreciate if anyone sends a pm (so I’ll get an email notification)
    Cu :)

  • I think all we need is a "MIDI thru" button (maybe next to the "power off" button on the left) on each MIDI AU insert in BeatMaker and everything'd work fine. @vincent thoughts?

  • BTW, Cubasis has the same issue, and gracefully deals with it by having such a "MIDI thru" button on the AU window header/splitter.

  • Rozeta XY and LFO now have MIDI THRU (in the case of LFO it's an optional PASS THRU: if enabled, LFO itself will not listen to incoming MIDI but just pass it through with its own LFO output added).

  • @brambos said:
    Rozeta XY and LFO now have MIDI THRU (in the case of LFO it's an optional PASS THRU: if enabled, LFO itself will not listen to incoming MIDI but just pass it through with its own LFO output

    Thanks! Gave you another 5 star rating 😊

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