“Doors & Corners” - An electronic/trip hop album I made in BM.

edited April 2020 in BeatMakers Showcase

An album I made, mixed and mastered in iOS. I used BM2 with many different iOS synths. Some tracks are sample based (closer to remixes) and others are just synths with beats. Any feedback will be most welcome. It will be interesting to see what other BM users make of it. :)

Some track videos:

Brother Goose (sample based)

King Midas (all synths + vocal)

Diamonds (sample based)

Destination Moon (all synths with some speech samples)

Links to stream the album:



  • Thanks for sharing. Subscribed. It's nice to see what can be achieved on a mobile device. And it would be great if the forum revived the Battles.

    What did you use to make the videos?

  • Thanks for the kind words and sub! 😊 I use LumaFusion. It’s really great. You can have 5 or 6 video tracks on top of each other + your audio stuff. Tons of filters and effects that you can automate. Best video software I’ve used on iOS by far.

  • Hey, thanks for the LumaFusion tip. Just picked it up (it's on sale), and going through the tutorials now.
    Looking forward to more of your music videos.

  • Great!! Such a worthy purchase. 😎

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