Two newbie questions

Hi all,
New to BeatMaker but I’m really happy with what it can do compared to other DAWs and meeting my needs.
I would love responses to these two questions that relate to using BM3 for audio only track:

1 why can’t I delete the remaining MIDI track, even though I’m not using it? I like a tidy workspace so it’s annoying me that there is an empty track taking up valuable screen space on my iPad.

2 is it possible to turn off the blinking dot next to the tempo? I’m working on a ‘tempo-less’ improv track and the blinking tempo is distracting.



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    1. Because the sampler is the core foundation of all things BM3 - you can't have a project without at least one midi track and sampler - even if it's completely empty. If you don't need it, just try to ignore it, or perhaps use it to create your own custom (weird tempo) metronome or something.
    2. Sorry - it cannot be disabled. If it's killing your tempo-less flow then put a small piece of blu-tack over it ;)
    1. Got it. Seems a shame it can't be hidden at least, or moved down the list. Can you move tracks around? That might be an option.
    2. ha! Good option. Again - a possible future option in settings to have the metronome blink? Like, turning off the metronome.


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