Pattern launch on Pads

I have been dabbling with Ableton for a long time, so my feature requests come from what I miss from there. I think that using a pad view to launch patterns would be more intuitive rather than launching entire scenes - this way the actions remain connected to the bank(track).


  • Scene mode on the pads screen. The other scene viewer is redundant.
  • How do you set up triggering properties of the pads ?
    All i can seem to do is switch between playing scenes in a particular pad bank, I cant even stop the scenes from the pads.

  • To stop the scenes just set up a blank pattern.

    Honestly pad muting is the way to go. Use the scenes performance view for patterns and then go old school with the pad muting until Intua gives us some kind of loop triggering like BM2.
  • @LucidMusicInc to me the scene viewer is currently helpful since you can see pattern infomation and has some link in with the song arrangement view. However having the scene in two different places seems a bit redundant - one in a pad/track view to launch multi-track scenes
    Maybe a pad view with pattern information displayed would be good.

  • Pad scene mode is pointless for me personally, just allow me to assign patterns and audio clips as i see fit to pads, some triggering modes like latch and one shot and i'm good to go.

  • @VinylDinosaur yeah I didn't mean redundant in a bad way, just redundant in that if you wanted to use the pads instead then that scene viewer wouldn't have any added value.

    @5pinlink scenes mode will be amazing for continuous sets, but too much work for just one song.
  • Scene viewer that you say is redundant actually has more power, in the scene mode on the arranger (I assume that is the one you mean ? ) you can also switch between patterns not just scenes, the scene button in pad mode is useless currently, for me personally that is.

    When you say scene mode will be amazing for continuous sets, i assume you mean on the pads scene button ? because scene mode in the arranger will be specifically for triggering out arrangements as a performance to be edited later (My assumption, not confirmed)
    Where as the scene mode on pads ( @mathieugarcia can you please change that button to perform instead of scene, just for these kinds of discussions and such, having two scene modes currently is a nightmare) should be a great performance tool for continuous set work as you say, add in the ability to trigger audio clips and patterns and not just scenes, lets be honest even just audio clips would be better than the current scene switching for continuous sets, would be nice to keep it all patterns and scenes but audio clips have a huge saving on resources, especially live, that is invaluable.

    But for sure my requests for that performance button (We shall now call it that to clear up confusion, and its actually called performance mode in the manual anyway i believe)

    Trigger modes - One shot/Hold/Loop Latch
    Quantise modes - Different quantise settings for triggering, From 16 bars down to immediate, the higher bar triggering quantise is ignored by a lot of clip triggering apps but is actually really useful.
    Choke - Have one pad stop any other pad by using choke the same as pad settings elsewhere.
    Pad assign - Allow the user to choose an audio clip or pattern (Scenes don't interest me too much if i have the choice of any pattern or audio clip)
    FX - Working exactly the same as any other pad in any other bank, which will obviously lead to requests for performance effects that fit in the effect column, but no reason that sort of stuff cant be IAP in my book.

    The only reason i want a proper clip triggering set up like this is because BM3 will likely work with any MIDI controller, Launchpad/Remixlive do not, Looptunes has a bit too much of a compromised UI for performance.
    But i doubt this sort of stuff will be along any time soon, there is plenty of other stuff that is much more important.

  • Yep exactly this.
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