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Yearly wipeout.



  • I have queried this with @mathieugarcia
    Not sure he quite got the gist of what i was saying though, i knew this would become an issue with users when they expect a copy and paste to work like any other copy and paste elsewhere.
    I am told that copy and paste is designed to copy and paste between patterns, I did suggest that this was not expected behaviour, but i would suggest that others tell him too, because it is terrible as is now.

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    I liked BM2's floating controls. What I never liked in BM2 was how responsive the screen navigation was and the zoom. They've got to completely disable vertical zoom and add some lag between dragging to move around the piano roll because there's too much movement on the piano roll screen. Gadget does it best because you can get between measures with just a tap and there's no zoom. The default is always 1 measure. I try to avoid pattern editing completely in BM3 and just use the pads.
  • Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!

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  • @triton100 Thank you for specifying. I've lost the capacity for meaningful conversations about BM3. As I may have mentioned elsewhere before:

    My iPad is not a frisbee
    My iPad is not a frisbee
    My iPad is not a fr
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    The choice to make the left keyboard the one you use to scroll and the right keybosrd the one for previewing notes is back to front too.
    Little keyboard to scroll and it is where a scrollbar would be in all other software anyway.
    Big keyboard for previewing.

  • Better yet implement the pad step sequencer and forget about the pianoroll entirely. That would be the dream come true. I'm thinking the new Klimper app also has a new take on piano roll editing that looks nice. Haven't tried that one yet but it check out this video:
  • The pads have a step sequencer, it just isn't a melodic/chromatic step sequencer, but asking for something to be implemented that is already there will get us nowhere fast (seen this with Reaper when they inplemented bezier curve automation with no handles to adjust, because the users who asked for it just asked for bezier curves, not adjustable bezier curves)

    We should start an FR thread for melodic/chromatic step mode.
  • I don't understand. Could you possibly screenshot the pad step sequencer in question?
  • The pad step sequencer is the first level inside a pattern when you double click it to edit it, you then press the keyboard icon to enter the piano roll for an individual pad.
    It works the exact same way as Maschines (desktop) step sequencer/piano roll relationship.

  • I am referring to this kind of workflow

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    That is exactly how the step sequencer in BM3 works without the limitations of the hardware restrictions.

    Load drum sounds on pads, double click to create a pattern, double click the pattern and you have that exact type of step sequencing, click to enter notes on the step grid, it works exactly the same as Maschine desktop software, which conincidentally although working in software exactly the same as BM3, when controlled via hardware (Jam) works exactly the same way as Push (again because of hardware limitations)

    The drum step sequencer in BM3 is as good as any other ;)

  • Oh wait, sorry, because this thread is about the pattern editor, I am talking about the pattern step editor.

    I think i know what you are suggesting.

    You want a faux hardware step mode in the pads page right ?
    So while on pads, you select a pad, hit a steps button, and the pads now become steps in the current pattern ?

    Personally i am happy with the traditional step sequencer, but i would definitely do that request as a separate thread if i were you ;)

  • Yes it's been requested elsewhere. What I was saying is if the pads step sequencer was implemented we could all just forget about the pianoroll. ;)
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    That's a little bit of an over extension, haha. I play everything in from a controller and just use the piano roll to make minor mix related tweaks, no interest in digital sequencing. I'm sure I can't be the only one?

    Sure, I'm sure a step seq would be cool and all and I'd love to see it happen, but isn't it a 'middle ground' kind of thing - not as quick as playing it in and not as accurate as piano roll editing.

    Again, I'm not against the idea of this kind of step sequencer, it looks fun, just the suggestion that it's a preferable format to any other input method.

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  • To be fair i despise the multi row step sequencer iplementation on Maschine hardware and such anyway.
    I live Maschines and Beatmakers software step sequencer as it is now, but i only like step sequencers for beats, so thats probably why, all my melodic stuff is piano roll.

    But a faux hardware style step sequencer mode is wanted by a lot of users.

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  • Hi All,

    Is it still impossible to copy and past midi in a pattern? I LOVE bm3 but this is brutal...


  • What isn’t possible? I guess Ive never needed copy/paste with midi yet so I am not following what everyone else is dealing with.

  • I now understand the copy paste issues. Would be nice to use selection mode to physically select the grid. And then paste function paste at selection. Or hold pad selection/key selection in pattern editor and then press paste. This would be ideal.

  • Copy and paste of midi in a sequence editor window is an absolutely essential feature for for me. Sometiimes musical phrases need to get repeatedI and or combined wth other phrases. hope this gets sorted as bm3 seems fantastic in most other respects. My Fingers are crossed that this gets implemented.

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    copy and paste works, but it's not perfect.

    note, you can't always tell when I hit copy in the video, but trust each thing I paste was copied from the selection on that row first.

    edit: it was mentioned earlier in the thread how it works but it sucks, but I just wanted to show how it works in case anyone was confused. =)

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    Super simple editor for removing start and end of video captures dude, free version does everything you need, exports a nice quality small 720 vid for YouTube
    Use this on all my captures to top and tail in seconds :)

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    @5pinlink hahaha, thanks man, I appreciate the tip =) but I just decided to leave the top and tail in this case. here's another vid for ya :wink:

    edit: also, did you know you can even use the (...) button to throw the video quickly into a minimal imovie interface where you can trim, add filters, add text, add audio, and even rotate a video that was recorded in the wrong orientation?? easiest editing ever for the most basic of tasks!

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    also, to touch on something said earlier in this thread regarding how perhaps the paste button should paste the notes to the right of the current selection, I would have to disagree with that. duplicate still exists and will do just that. the paste button makes it easier to move the notes up and down to other pads or notes, which I think makes more sense if you're trying to make a chord or place other pad hits directly in the same place as another pad's hits. use duplicate to copy stuff to the right, use copy paste to either help make chords or paste notes into a separate pattern. that does work, too, so you can copy the row of kicks and snares from one pattern and paste them into a new pattern without having to remove all of the other notes on other pads that you might not want (which you'd have to do if you just duplicated the pattern). and you can paste notes into an already established pattern, which is nice. of course, I would think that the select button in the pattern editor would allow you to somehow add to your selection. right now, as far as I can tell, every drag of the selection box creates a new selection, and there's no way to add to or remove from the selection.

    but I do agree that it would be nice if there was a way to select the grid, so duplicating could work without having to move the duplicated notes over to the right so the first note is at the intended start point.

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    Yeah i just prefer Videoleaps UI.
    Sod knows how you get it to upload to YouTube though, that wont work on my iPad at all, I have to open the YouTube app and do it that way (Which also has the same editor as iMovie/Videoleap too haha, I just always preferred Videoleap.

  • @5pinlink said:
    Yeah i just prefer Videoleaps UI.

    I haven't tried it, mainly because I got videoshop a while back and haven't done much editing on my iOS devices in a while. I might check it out. I did like their photo editor, which I still have.

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    I just use Affinity for photo because i use all their apps for work on the desktop.
    videoleap just has a nice feel to it, it just feels slicker than everything else to me, and the 720p export is excellent quality and quite small.

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