BeatMaker 3 Beta

BM3_Teaser_FBHello dear artists, producers and music enthusiasts!

More than five years have passed since we released BeatMaker 2.
It’s been a tremendous adventure so far, and we’d like to thank you all for your support and feedback. We’ve grown from it and learned a lot.

As you might already know, we have been working on BeatMaker 3 for two years now, and with your help, we think we’ve managed to design a music production powerhouse.

BM3 is a whole new concept with a streamlined workflow, emphasizing the strengths of its predecessors while improving overall ease of use.

BM2 excels in sampling and chopping: the new sampler has been totally redesigned and is pushing limits in new ways.

You were also very enthusiastic about the sequencing features presented in BM2. While improving the classic tools that made this editor a cornerstone, we have designed a new module that will help you both jumpstart new ideas and improve your live performances tenfold.

BeatMaker is used a lot in production studios and live setups, with external pad controllers, keyboards and other gear: we have created the perfect way to integrate all that into the app’s workflow.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to see the mobile music production environment evolve, in such a short time, into a rich and creative app ecosystem. BeatMaker has always played a leading role in linking with other apps. With the new version we think we have just the production center you guys need to build on your creativity.

Just to give you some visibility over the current development phase, we will be launching the first run of closed beta-testing in the upcoming days, and we’re pretty confident BM3 will be released before the end of the year. Since we believe stability is an absolute must when releasing a new app, we want to make sure everything is perfect before we do.
We’re working with a great team of beta-testers who will help us with this task. We’ve got this!

For now, we’ll be happy to hear your questions or suggestions and keep you up to date about the development.

Have a great day!

INTUA Bundle I now available !

Hi everyone !
Our first exclusive soundpack bundle is now available on the ‪#‎BeatMaker2‬ store!
It contains our six INTUA packs with over 40% discount !
• INTUA Future ATL
• INTUA B.W.A. Straight Outta BeatMaker
• INTUA Southern Chief
• INTUA 9th Street
• INTUA Southern Homie
• INTUA Southern Ethnic

Enjoy !

BeatMaker 2.6.0 is now available !

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of BeatMaker 2.6.0.
This is maintenance update and we suggest everyone to update to this version
for a better experience.

What’s new in BeatMaker 2.6.0:

* Fix an issue with ARM/MUTE/OPTIONS buttons on track headers on newer devices
* Fix audio artefacts that might occur when recording at rates higher than 44.1kHz

Enjoy !
The INTUA team.


BM2 2.6.0 Update

Future ATL soundpack now available !

Hi everyone !

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of our new futuristic #trap and #dirtysouth soundpack for #beatmaker2.
You will find it inside BeatMaker 2 sound store.

Check it out !

BeatMaker 2.5.9 is now available

Hey !

BeatMaker 2.5.9 is now available on the Apple App Store and is 100% compatible with the brand new iPad Pro, iOS 9.x and Bluetooth accessories.

This is a free update for existing customers.

Here’s what’s new:

• iPad Pro & iOS 9.x ready !
• Fix an issue with some Bluetooth accessories

Get it now !

Thanks to everyone for your support.
Enjoy !