BeatMaker 3


BeatMaker brings unmatched efficiency and depth in an intuitive audio and MIDI workstation. Look no further, the power of traditional desktop software and real hardware is now united into one single production studio.

Special intro price of $19.99 only until July 22nd 2017!


Its streamlined workflow lets you perform and shape your ideas quickly and effectively, turning your instruments into full productions. Inspirational performance tools such as repeat, roll, swing, key scales & chords and macro controls will boost your creativity tenfold. Take control of it all with your MIDI gear and the new smart binding system.


8 banks of 128 pads, where each one of them is a full-fledged instrument with multiple dimensions.  Record and chop live, assemble, mangle and resample: our state of the art sampling engine will sculpt your ideas, giving life to your instruments with a full modulation and layering system. With ZPlane’s Elastique live stretch and pitch shift, adjust your loops and instruments to match the tempo or go experimental. You can even integrate your favorite synth & effect apps with full AUv3 and IAA support.


The classic timeline based pattern & song editor gives all the modern sequencing features you‘d want to arrange complete tracks. Adding to this foundation, the new flexible Scene Mode opens up opportunities for remixing and live performances, looping and arranging clips in new ways. All the patterns, automations and sequencing tools are available right where you would expect. Add audio tracks to the mix, stretch them, turn your arrangements into a complete masterpiece. You can even play in sync with other software using Ableton Link.


The ever growing sound store will bring premium and exclusive content to your own library. The genius of our sound designers will enhance your productions instantly, whether you’re looking for a classic 808 bass or exploring new musical genres.


Multi-channel recording & input/output routing is now a reality with the support of USB audio interfaces. Fine-tune your mix with the modern mixing board: every track, every pad has its own channel with unlimited effects and up to 8 sends. Add new depths to your sound with our palette of effects (internal or external AUv3/IAA).


Export your compositions and separated elements into single stems to share, re-use, re-work, re-master within a traditional studio setup.

Detailed specifications


  • Create multiple instruments with Drum Machine, Keyboard Sampler, Audio Tracks
  • 14 effects included: 6-band EQ, Auto Pan, Bit Crusher, Delay, Dynamics Processor (Limiter/Compressor/Expander), M-Verb, Modulation Delay (Flanger/Chorus/Vibrato), Overdrive, Phase Invert, Reverb, Filter, Slicer, Stereo Delay, Stereo Wider and external IAA/AUv3 effects.
  • Unlimited effects slots per track and pads.
  • CoreMIDI support: connect your MIDI accessories to control instruments, effects and mixer.



  • 128 trigger pads: 16 pads over 8 banks
  • Chop Lab: Slice audio loops to automatically create new sound presets
  • Control sound parameters on individual pad: volume, pan, mute, output bus, semitone, fine tune, reverse and autoscaling
  • Low/high pass filter per pad
  • Pad trigger modes: one-shot, hold & loop
  • ADSR Envelope ADSR control for each pad
  • Exclusive groups and polyphony management
  • “Live” modes: trigger, mute, reverse, velocity and tune spreading.
  • Pad copy & paste



  • 128-key keyboard with pitch wheel, double keyboard mode, note display and zoom controls
  • Easily create your own instruments from any sample combination with the keygroup editor
  • Volume and filter ADSR envelopes
  • Low/high pass filter with key tracking
  • 2 LFOs to control volume, pitch and filter parameters
  • Polyphony control, up to 32 voices
  • Legato play mode with glide
  • Velocity layers



  • Add audio tracks for recording and sample playback directly on the sequencer
  • Record multiple audio tracks simultaneously
  • Gain and noise gate on audio inputs
  • Support for disk streaming to load samples without consuming RAM



  • Create unlimited instrument, audio and FX tracks
  • Automations: Record, edit and replay instrument and effect parameters
  • Record, draw, arrange and resize patterns along the timeline to build your song
  • Compose and modify patterns with a piano-roll interface. Edit notes, parameters and automations.
  • Instrument and effect recording options: Quantize, take or partial undo, pre-roll, Overdub, note erasing.



  • Full-fledged wave editor with intuitive interface for manipulating samples
  • Basic edition tools: trim, cut, copy, paste, with undo/redo
  • High quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms
  • Audio tools: normalize, silence, reverse, fade in and out, cross-fade
  • Record new samples from microphone or instruments
  • Loop points and tempo/signature editor



  • Realistic multi-track mixer with level meters
  • Edit volume, pan, solo, mute and bus routing features for each track
  • Four sends available for each instrument/audio tracks


  • Audio Unit V3, Inter-App Audio, Audiobus V3 support
  • Support opening of audio files from other apps (Mail, Google Drive, …)
  • Support opening of ZIP archives from other apps
  • Full Dropbox support
  • AirDrop, iTunes File Sharing (USB) support.
  • Universal app (iPhone version coming soon)
  • MIDI files import
  • Virtual MIDI support
  • Ableton Link support
  • Import songs from your Music Library to create new remixes


  • Works with 32-bits and 64-bits iPads
  • Native iPad Pro support
  • iOS 9.3+ required
  • Best experience on newer models
  • iPhone version coming later

Audio interfaces, microphones and docks

  • Compatible with any iOS-compliant dock microphones (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Compatible with USB Class 2.0 compliant audio interfaces, only on iPad with Apple Camera Connection Kit
  • Compatible with audio docks

MIDI Controllers

BeatMaker 3 is compatible with any USB MIDI class compliant controllers (keyboards, pads, control surfaces, etc.), out of the box with the Camera Connection Kit. You might need a powered hub to support the connected device(s) and to ensure full compatibility.



  • Audio Unit V3
  • Inter-App Audio
  • Audiobus 3
  • Ableton Link
  • iCloud, Airdrop, Dropbox, Open In…, iTunes USB transfer