BeatMaker 3 user’s manual PDF
8 August 2017
Upcoming BeatMaker 3.0.3 update highlights
7 September 2017
The BeatMaker 3.0.2 update is now available on the App Store

BeatMaker 3 will be frequently updated to bring more exciting features and improve the overall experience.

  • Added 16 bank groups, each bank group has 8 banks, giving a total of 128 banks.
  • Added focus actions to jump to a specific bank group, and iterate to the previous or next bank group.
  • Added a MIDI Panic! button in the MIDI tab in the Settings screen.
  • Added the saturator effect to the main FX list.
  • Added an option to save a bank preset either in the current directory or in the main/general ‘Bank Presets’ directory.
  • Added a ‘Set value on all layers’ options in the parameter panel. This will set the current value on all layers, and also works for layer FX and modulators ‘siblings’.
  • Added the ‘auto-scale’ feature back from BM2 in the sample duration panel. This lets you pitch a sample on a specific bar length.
  • Added default layer gain in settings/general.
  • Added browser preview volume in settings/general.
  • Can now reset step modulator steps by double-tapping them.
  • Added full-screen option for step-modulator.
  • When double-tapping an hardware output track in the mixer, it will open the FX panel, like for AUX tracks.
  • Added current status text when scanning files (database update or reset).
  • Added error messages for network connection issues in the sound store.
  • New hard-reset option for database in settings/general. Use with care.
  • Fixed sample saving from audio tracks/clips.
  • Properly update steps after loading a step modulator preset.
  • Improved AUv3 instantiation and clearing.
  • Fixed IAA timestamps.
  • Fixed scrolling of history and error panels.
  • Fixed soundpacks restoration.
  • Fixed MIDI CC recording.
  • Fixed AUv3 FX screen keyboard event routing.
  • Fixed audio clip thumbnail after tempo changes and live stretch mode change.
  • Fixed an issue with voice stealing/killing of audio clips.
  • Fixed MIDI editor velocity values.
  • Fixed synchronization issue in the Step Modulator.
  • Fixed monophonic mode in the Step Modulator.
  • Fixed an issue where bank solo state would not recover properly after loading a session.
  • Fixed selection of samples after edition.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur with streaming and live stretch while editing a sample.
  • Fixed an issue with audio clip triggering.
  • Fixed import of samples and bank presets with custom categories and subcategories.
  • Fixed a race condition that could occur with multiple imports happening simultaneously.
Update 3.0.2