909 Science

Matt Baggiani has been back in the lab to deliver this new 909 Science soundpack, a brand new production-ready collection of exclusive samples from the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine.

The pack includes 8 punchy, warm, analog drum kits and 4 multi-sampled bass / lead bassdrum instrument banks, all recorded using an original TR-909 as source.

Each sound has been fed through a Manley Variable Mu, then treated with some hardware studio EQ (Kush Audio Clariphonic Equalizer and Elysia Xfilter).

While it was mandatory to preserve some of the original tones (909 Classic kit08), each kit have been treated differently, using an Eventide 7600, an Elsysia Karacter and an C&G Organelle, resulting in a brilliantly crafted set of sounds ranging from thumping kicks, melodic toms and crunchy hi-hats.

All banks feature 8 pre-programmed macros as well as a series of MIDI patterns, each labelled with tempo (BPM), to be used as source of inspiration.

Pack content

  • 909 Space Queen Bass
  • 909 Silver Bass
  • 909 Agent Orange Lead
  • 909 Purple Bassdrum
  • 909 Holy Grail kit 01
  • 909 Cherry Stomper kit 02
  • 909 Mendocino kit 03
  • 909 Ice kit 04
  • 909 Green Queen kit 05
  • 909 Nuken kit 06
  • 909 Filter Queen kit 07
  • 909 Classic kit 08
  • 32 MIDI Patterns

Pack Size: 49MB