ModeAudio: Neon Noir

INTUA are proud to present ‘Neon Noir’, a brand new, retro-futurist inspired sound pack for BeatMaker 3, cloaked in smoke and flooded in electric blue light!

‘Neon Noir’ was created by soundware specialists ModeAudio, using a host of analog and modern digital technology to craft 16 bank presets, spanning thundering drum kits, menacing bass synths, soaring pads and monumental lead synths.

The 4 drum kit banks were built from ModeAudio’s prized collection of classic drum machines and hybrid, layered drum samples, emphasising weight and percussive impact across their huge toms and detonating kicks, to firework snares, crisp hi hats and beyond.

3 multi-sampled bass synths, 3 pads and 6 lead and melodic synth banks complete the collection, oozing all the warmth, spectral richness and subtly wavering character of the analog synths they were created with.

Taking classic hardware and melding it with the razor-sharp precision of cutting-edge digital processing, this sound pack brings past, present and future together under one, captivating roof – compose the nostalgia trips of tomorrow with ‘Neon Noir’, today!

Designed by: ModeAudio

Pack Content:

  • Battlestation Bass
  • Blackhole Pad
  • Detector Pad
  • Fudge Sundae Synth
  • Lazer Kit
  • Phase Kit
  • Pulsar Synth
  • Spectre Synth
  • Beam Kit
  • Destroyer Bass
  • Flutter Pad
  • Herald Synth
  • Lightyear Bass
  • Proton Synth
  • Shield Kit
  • Warped Synth

Pack size: 202MB