MSXII: The Fly Life

The Fly Life pack, designed and produced by MSXII, is the latest INTUA sound pack for BeatMaker 3!

Featuring 16 banks of soulful, lo-fi goodness by the way of drums, sample chops for slicing, vocal stabs, multi-sampled vintage synth, bass, and lead patches, and super laid back, lo-fi groove-infused patterns for instant inspiration!

All 16 banks feature pre-programmed macros for immediate control over a wide array of parameters and effects as well as an inside look at the producer minds of the MSXII Sound Design team. Per usual, all the above is mixed optimally for iOS and ready for immediate results.

Drum Kits

  • The Mindset Kit
  • Smoovey Kit
  • Fly Life Kit
  • Crypto Kit
  • Perk Merk Kit
  • 1984 Kit
  • Love Struck Kit
  • Headspace Kit


Synth Basses

  • Boog Moog Bass
  • Sub Destroyer Bass
  • Kiko VHS Bass


Percussive Synths

  • Vibed Out Marimba


Classic Synths

  • Pro Poly
  • Tech Voice
  • Electric Playa Guitar
  • Super Swag Poly


Each bank is shipped with a variety of patterns. Be sure to turn on the “Load Pattern” option when loading banks!


Pack size: 111MB