New overview video of BeatMaker 3
24 January 2018
BeatMaker 3.0.13 is now available!
27 October 2019

BeatMaker 3.0.12 is LIVE!

The BeatMaker 3.0.12 Update is now available on the App Store

What's new?

  • Adding MIDI effects capabilities for Banks and Pads
  • AudioUnit MIDI effect support (Fixing BramBos Rozeta, etc...)
  • Adding pro-level transient detection for slicing samples
  • Stability improvements for AudioUnit plugins (Fixing Lo-fly dirt & Fly tape)
  • Better automation recording for On/Off parameters (Fly tape can now be recorded easily)
  • Adding automation slider in the editor for parameter recording on the fly
  • Adding On/Off Toggle for automation quantisation (better precision for recording parameter changes)
  • Better automation recording for AudioUnits
  • Better selection tool in automation editors
  • Adding a quick save button in the transport bar
  • Fix audio export rare crash concerning streamed samples with small loops
  • Improvement to audio track recording & Fix monitoring issue
  • Updated Ableton Link
  • Updating ZPlane Elastique Timestretch
  • Adding Live Timestretch High Performance / High Quality Options
  • Adding a delete option for focus action templates and effect presets
  • Various stability improvements