BeatMaker 3.0.12 is now available!
11 November 2018

BeatMaker 3.0.13 is LIVE!

The BeatMaker 3.0.13 Update is now available on the App Store

What's new?

  • Adding MIDI Sync in/out (clock, start/stop messages, etc…)
  • Ableton Link start/stop
  • Adding MIDI Export for project, individual track, individual pattern
  • Adding option to stop the audio processing when the app is in the background
  • Adding easier access to settings & saving last visited settings page
  • Fixing Audio recovery when interrupted by other app (FaceTime, etc..)
  • Fixing MIDI Import now imports all MIDI data (Control changes, After touch, etc…)
  • Fixing audio track monitoring while recording
  • Fixing external MIDI controller event reception
  • Fixing MIDI Input channel selection not saved
  • Fixing create pattern from slices issue
  • Fixing issue when undoing a recording
  • Various fixes & improvements related to iOS13