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20 December 2017
BeatMaker 3.0.9 is now available!
13 January 2018

Forthcoming 3.0.9 update notes

The forthcoming BeatMaker 3 update 3.0.9, brings new refinements and features. It will be available soon, but in the meantime and as a sneak peak, here's what's new in 3.0.9:

Overall improvements
  • Parameters controlled by a macro will now act as macro knobs themselves, rather than displaying a panel to change/set the value.
  • When displaying the FX panel back, restore the position where it was left on.
  • Mixer levels can now be switched between traditional green/red levels and track colors. Simply press the “•••” button at the bottom right of the mixer.
  • Added a RMS or Peak switch in the Mixer. Simply press the “•••” button to show the option panel.
  • Added a channel strip size switch in the Mixer. Simply press the “•••” button to show the option panel.
  • The 0dB graduation is now more prominent on mixer channel meters.
  • Renamed quantization recording option to “Quantize Note On’s” and “Quantize Note Off’s” for clarity.
  • Metronome options are now in a separate panel. To display it, long-press the metronome icon in the transport bar.
  • Added metronome volume and tuning in the new metronome panel.
  • Added “All Pass” filter type in SV Filter and 6-bands EQ effects.
  • “Dynamics” effect improvements.
  • Added a toolbar to copy, paste, cut and clear pads when entering “SELECT” mode on the main Perform screen.
  • When entering Pads “SELECT” mode, disable Repeat.
  • Pressing the browser headers, and the plugins list headers will quickly jump back to the beginning of the list.
  • Save and restore full-screen sample editor time reference.
  • It is now possible to set any color on tracks, banks & pads with the RGB color selector in the track panel.
  • It is now possible to set any color on macros with the RGB color picker in the macro setup panel.
  • Keep the order in which parameters are connected to macros, in the macro setup panel.
  • Audio tracks can now use any other tracks as their audio input (hardware outputs, AUXes, other audio tracks).
  • In the Sound Store, you can now see which pack you already own and if they are already installed.

Sampler & Plugins
  • When double-tapping the sequencer stop button, don’t send note off’s messages on all 128 keys and all 16 channels.
  • Zoom to maximum level when long-pressing sample editor [+] button.

  • Added an arm button to enable/disable track recording.

Bug fixes & engine improvements
  • Effect presets can now auto-create macros again.
  • Bit-crusher max frequency limitation of 20kHz has been lifted.
  • Focus-actions learning will discard MIDI data coming from apps and virtual MIDI sources.
  • In the full-screen plugin view, properly show the AUv3 user interface again after displaying the “Add effect” panel.
  • The “nuiFonts.db5” file, which was visible in browser Files mode, is now hidden.
  • Fixed an issue with AUv3 MIDI plugins transport state (ie: Rozeta not playing the 1st downbeat).
  • Fixed an issue with recorded quantized note off’s.
  • Fixed an issue where the bank group was not properly restored on session load.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when double-tapping the track header in the Track Helper panel.
  • Fixed an issue where user packs filtering would still show after library change.
  • Fixed Saturator effect that would still apply output gain regardless of bypass status.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some IAA plugins to appear in the list.
  • Fixed an critical race condition between the audio engine and the UI that would crash the app when loading presets with lots of samples/layers (ie: BeatMaker Grand Piano).
  • Fixed an issue where the audio track input label, in the mixer, would not properly update after reloading a session.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Minor visual improvements around the app.