Virtual MIDI timing issues

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Hi all

I've been experimenting with sequencing iMini, Sunrizer and Magellan from BM2 using virtual MIDI. However, I've found that the timing of parts created in this way is not good. For instance, if I create a 16th-note bassline, then examine it closely in an audio editor, none of the notes fall exactly on the beat.

Worse, some of the notes fall slightly in front of the beat, while some fall slightly behind, so it isn't just a case of needing to compensate for a few ms of latency.

This behaviour is the same whether I record into BM2 via Audiobus, into BM2 via Inter-App Audio, or into Auria via Audiobus. Therefore I assume that it's an issue with the MIDI, rather than the audio, side of things.

I wonder if anyone else has had similar problems? I'm using an iPad 4.




  • Hello,

    I am having the same exact issues. I am using an iPod Touch 5G. It seems that since ios7 has been released, things have not been as stable with virtual MIDI, or audiobus. Lately, I have just been using Beatmaker2 with all of the expansion packs in the Intua store. Hopefully, things will workout so that I can use Beatmaker2 with other apps and have stability.
  • Thanks chaps. Really hope this is sorted because timing is an absolutely critical issue...
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