Sound fonts!!!!

Is there software to convert sound fonts to bm2 files?


  • Hey @Daheatmizer

    As of now I'm not aware of any SF2->BM2 converter tool.
    This could be a nice add-on for BM3 though !

  • Is there software to convert sound fonts to bm2 files?

    The only way to get soundfont sounds in BM2 I know of is to use the bs-16i app and put your soundfonts in that. Then use audiobus or the audio apps option in BM2 add instrument section. This allows you to record the sounds into BM2 as audio files.
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    We'll be looking into the possibility of having a companion app to convert various sampler formats to the BM3 file format.
    Gotta investigate more on this, but this will increase productivity tenfold, especially for users that have large collections of soundbanks.

  • So there will be no native sound font support in BM3 correct?
  • @philowerx Probably not at launch. Even though the "AU Sampler" plugin bundled with iOS has the ability to load SF2 files.
  • would so love to be able to translate .sfz files as well =)
    If this is possible, any sound designed in the ESX24mkII will work perfectly in BM3
  • That's a job for the companion app !
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