Invalid file: Invalid BeatMaker 2 file after an update

A month ago after an update I could not access my old save files anymore, but I can still open my new save files. How can I fix this problem?


  • Hey @chrisman,

    Does all your projects output this error ? Would you be able to share one of those files here ?
    Are you running BeatMaker 2.6.2 ?

    Let me know,
  • No only old ones.
    Yes I have the newest 2.6 version.
    I will send an invalid save file so you can check which problem I have with opening .
  • Hey @chrisman, thanks for the clarification.

    You can either share the file here (dropbox or similar), or use our support system here:, where you can attach files.

    Thank you !
  • Sorry I have already resolved the problem
  • After deleting a few files
  • I did not know I pad was full one month ago after the update and sorry for double post and thans you for your attention
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