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Hi My Name is Gareth
Im a musician from the UK

On my next tour I would like to use Beatmaker 2 Drum sampler as my sound source triggered by external pads.

My question is in 2 Parts

How do I get Multiple Outputs (e.g Kick output 1 snare output 2 stereo sample 3&4)

Is there anyway of having different samplers in One page so I can jump between them.

Thank You


  • Only way I can think close to have different samplers on one page is to use the keyboard and change the zones accordingly. So let's say you have a samples you want to use, you can put them in c1 octave and the other samples in c2. Then you have c1 on the top of the split keyboard and c2 on the bottom. It will be a little time consuming to set up but when you figure it out it will make sense. Using my example you would take let's say a snare sample and put it in the mapping as a base key of c2, a low key of c2 and a high key of c2 so the snare is basically mapped to c2. If you want to be able to play with a few pitches to a sample you can tweak it accordingly by moving the high key forward and the low key downward.

    As for the first question I am not sure what you are asking. Do you mean where you record the kick to one track and the snare to another track, instead of it all being recorded to one track? If that is the case you can always use live mode to mute a sound if needed during a live setting but I don't think you can record in this way. Not sure.

  • They said Multi output will be featured on beatmaker 3
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