Just getting ready to hit the BUY button

Now I see there is a new version about to drop. So my question is, do I wait for the new version to save some cash or will it save anything. I see in the in-app purchase for $11.99 for future ATL. I'm guessing that is the upgrade price? So if I buy now for $9.99 and add the $11.99 to upgrade, will that be cheaper than just waiting to purchase BM3?



  • Hi.. Future ATL is a trap sound source for BM2. ATL would be short for Atlanta.. as I understand it there won't be an upgrade price for BM3 as the two seem to be totally different and not just an upgrade version of BM2.

  • Gotcha, thanks. I will wait patiently then.

    Is it done yet? LOL
  • Gotcha, thanks. I will wait patiently then.

    Is it done yet? LOL

    lol.. I don't know, I'm just a user.. :wink: but what I do know is Intua hasn't failed us yet.. BM2 after six years has had updates for new features up until just a few months ago.

    And yeah.. Patiently is how we all are now.. :-) however BM2 is so good right now, it allows me that patience.. you gotta remember though that these apps have a whole bunch of angles on how to approach them.. so programming something as complicated as this has to be so difficult.. They probably have a slew of programmers working round the clock as we speak ! ;) I'm sure whatever they doin, we'll all benefit from it! So..

    ..until BM3, Take care!

  • Oh yes, I will wait patiently. I'm not new at working with developers and beta testers. I have a real good idea of how much work goes into some of these apps. I haven't seen one push out the release as much as this one though.
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