How do you, personally, record samples onto BM2 on your iphone/ipad?

I have a portable turntable (numark pt-01) and would like to be able to either record audio straight from either 1/8" stereo audio cord or rca, or from the USB port, into my iPhone 5.

I know there are a million products and adapters that could be used, but I'm asking what YOU personally do if you have an iphone/ipad with the lightning port. I imagine you go into the lightning port and not the headphone jack as the headphone jack is mono and shitty quality, correct? Do you use an interface? Do you use an iRig type product?

Thanks in advance!


  • use an interface...there are many cheap decent quality ones available...but as far as hi-fi is concerned The numark pt-01turntable isn't gonna be the best regardless...

    i find the pt-01 has mad rumble, and isn't the best as far as fidelity is concerned.

    personally I use several things to get into the iPhone/ipad

    I use the apogee duet for iOS
    the connectivity iconnectaudio4+
    the apogee mic 24/96
    the zoom H6 recorder

    out of all of these the apogee duet is the hi-fi champ!

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