Ipod Touch 6th Gen performance question

Hi guys,

Am thinking about getting an Ipod Touch 6th Gen for Beatmaker 2 etc and am wondering what sort of performance I can expect? I currently use an Ipod Touch 4th Gen and I can do about 5 tracks with a few effects per channel which is pretty rubbish. It started playing up today though and buffering a lot on a track I created so I'm thinking about ditching it and getting something fresh. Thoughts welcome on what kind of performance I can expect from an Ipod Touch 6th Gen.



  • i purchased an ipod touch 6g after ditching my iphone 5 for a galaxy note 4 (needed the s-pen for drawing), after a few month i started missing beatmaker and went for the ipod touch 6g instead of an ipad mini 2 (the ipod touch fit in a wallet and is more powerfull). i don't make heavy projects with beatmaker 2 but so far performance is great. it should be as powerfull as an iphone 6.
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    i can run bm2 along with beathawk, thumbjam, jamup pro, garageband, imashine 2 all playing at the same time in bm2's iaa slots with some effects. Performance seems good to me, what could be problematic is the coming Bm3 release, you will have to wait even more and the interface could be quite small. This and the fact that a lot of audio apps are made for ipad only instead of universal. Just don't go for an ipod touch 5g because it is underpowered and 32bit architecture.
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    Yeah, you should get pretty good performance with it based on the specs.
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