Do you want more sounds in your iPad synths and beat machines?

Myself and a few other sound designers and composers have started a new company were we make custom user presets for IOS synthesizers and beat machines. We are going through the countless hours of figuring out how to accomplish some of the more intricate synth and Apples limitations on the OS. Each kit or preset pack will come with a video on how to install your new sounds and samples. We would like to know while we are in development what apps or beat machines you guys would like custom kits and presets for. We are still in the early stages as I am working on the website as we speak. On launch day we are trying to have over 30 custom kits ad patches and presets for apps like

Beatmaker 3
Lyra (Auria Pro)
Model 15
Addictive Synth
Cube Synth
EHX mini Synth
TF7 Synth
and more to be announced...........
Please let us know what you think and is you have any suggestions here thanks


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    Sounds like a great ideal.

    I say Animoog would be nice, Tera Synth, bs-i16 (soundfonts), Nanologue, Alchemy, Grain Science( A very interesting, different synth), and thumb jam(if that is possible).

    Can't wait to check out the site. You should also consider speaking with Intua and see if you could get placements in their store as well once you're up and running if that is something you will be interested in. This is a really dope ideal because as far as I know this is an untapped market and not many out there make these kind of things. Some apps have their stores but to be a third party making presets for ipad apps is different. Much success to you and your team.
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