Adjust sample pad for electric drum

recently I am using beatmaker 2 with my electric drum through iRig MIDI to my iPhone 4s. It worked perfectly triggering every notes for drum pad. But if I'm using 'One hit sample' setting, the sustain from first and second stroke dropped if I played so dynamic (let's say I'm playing Jazz swing ride pattern). Cause it really weird if I want to get realistic drum dynamic.

Any help? So I still can get sustain from first stroke to second stroke in various velocity.

Thank You!

*sorry for my english


  • Try playing with the quantize off. Also make sure midi in, out and thru is on. It should record the velocity differences as well.
  • Oke, just figure out the problem. I have to set the sample from mono to poly.

    But another problem is: when I want to assign X group/mute group the sample back to mono, even if the setting is in poly mode..

    Will it be fixed in beatmaker 3??
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