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Yo,yo,yo.. will BM3 on Mac OS X be able to open as a vast inside of a DAW?? Would be sick if I could work on my beats on the go with iPad then when I get home load them into bm3 on the computer as a vst inside Reason9.5.


  • Interesting question, will it support VSTs ?or be a vst to other DAWs itself?

    Either thing would be cool imo.
  • Hey @selfinflict3 and @DeeJohnson

    Just like iOS, BM3 will be able to host AU plugins, and also act as an AU plugin.
    Cannot really clarify the situation on VST support since we haven't investigated that yet :-)

  • intua said:

    Hey @selfinflict3 and @DeeJohnson

    Just like iOS, BM3 will be able to host AU plugins, and also act as an AU plugin.
    Cannot really clarify the situation on VST support since we haven't investigated that yet :-)


    Sweet! That's good to hear. Can't wait for it.
  • So to clear things up, its going to be on the ITunes store for IOS and the App Store for Mac? Same pricing? And both versions will be available on the 15th?
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    Probably after BM3 since they didn't announce the mac osx thing officially yet. One thing at a time, let's not be greedy guys lol.
  • Even this tweet says starting with the "ios version"

  • Any info on when this baby is dropping???

  • We'll give more concise ETA's for the iPhone and macOS version later. Right now we're addressing all the bugs in the upcoming 3.0.1 update.


  • OH MY GOODNESS..... :o
    It didn't even occur to me that there's a Chance for a macOS Version.

    Now I'm pretty stoked and excited.
    A fluent transition and workflow of iPad projects (with all the settings) on to the mac (without the hassle of complicated exporting of individual tracks and audio or so) would be PHENOMENAL.

    And also using it as an "Instrument" within Logic would be lovely. The Chop Shop - slice across pads feature is sooooo sweet - I immediately fell in love with it.
    That's what I was looking for years - and almost bought ReSlice from Virsyn just for those slicing Features.

    But now I have an already impressive iPad DAW with sweet, sweet sample mangling features.
    (Cubasis, Maschine and the rest of the bunch are now going to collect dust, i.e. up for deletion)

    Great job so far Intua.... very appreciated. :)

  • Ah man... Now I have mac envy for first time in a while :/
    PC version would be cool at some point if all goes well ;)
    And vst integration way down the line, kinda like the mpc live>daw integration, would be next level..
  • This summer is really something. 1st we got BM3 on iOS. Amazing already as it is (minus midi out, but still very impressive). Then we'll have 3.0.1 update. And after that a MacOS version? Crazy! Now is the time to invest time getting used to the current version, try out controllers to find the right one, perfect the workflow, build sample libraries... until 3.0.1 drops :)

  • @william77
    The Chop Shop?
    Can you please elaborate on chopping across pads feature?
    Is there a vid showing this?

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    Im not into making music on mac anymore much. But i just might IF i could hook ipad(and phone) to my mac and easily get the session on ipad to be played back from mac. To be more precise, from bm3 loaded as au to ableton with drag&drop ability from plugin to desktop.
    Also a feature that would really rock with this, is that if you could also use bm3 on ipad as a controller to bm3 on mac. It shouldnt be too hard to make a mode for ipad bm3 that only has the ui fom the app, and instead sends all commands to mac version instead of using them inside ipad, then just mirroring whats going on in desktop to ipad.
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    Here is the tutorial from Intua Website:

    I didn't explore all the possibilities yet (just had a limited amount of time to spend with it) - but I use the standard Auto-Slice feature. (found it by just playing around in the menus :D)

    Just load a sample or break onto a pad and let the auto-slice set it's markers (I don't even bother if they are set accurately.

    Then just hit save and then slice to pads - and let it spread across the bank.
    (might be helpful then to switch the view from 16 to 64 pads if it creates more than 16 slices - you'll then have 64pads across 2 pages - which gives you up to 128 pads per Instrument/bank)

    After that you just select each pad and within the sample viewer window - you move/reassign the slices end/start points per pad to your liking.
    And you then can also edit every pad with its assigned sample easily and fast.
    (zoom in closely to see the individual slice and deactivate snap to Zero, so that you can move the markers freely - tune it, reverse it, use an envelope, and lots more - everything individually adjustable for each pad)

    I like it because it's just very fast and intuitive workflow that is non-destructive - because you will see the whole break/sample in sample view and you can reassign the start/end points per pad freely back and forth.

    I've seen way more cumbersome chopping workflows than that.
    Never had so much fun and ease of chopping samples :smiley:
    But I still have to explore all the other features and possibilities in the chop shop - even though this one feature is already worth the money.

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