Question about auto-loop mode

Hey guys, need help here. Is there a way to set the auto-loop mode for sample pad triggering so that the sample doesn't use bpm quantization?
What i want to do is this :
- hit a pad to trigger a sample, so that it starts instantly (ignoring bpm sync)
- the sample loops for a certain amount of time, without me having to hold my finger on the pad
- hit a pad again to stop the sample so that it stops instantly (again, ignoring bpm sync)

I've been using BM2 for live performances for a few months now and I think it's a great app, but I still need my SP404SX for triggering loops in the way that I described.


  • There's kinda a hack for what you trying to do.... If you have a pad on hold and loop.... hold the pad down and while holding the pad switch to another bank. When your in another bank release your finger off the pad. It will stay held down until you tap it again. So say your pad is on bank A... hold the pad down and switch to bank B.... release finger from pad..... it will trick it to being held down until you hit it again.
  • Haha yeah, that actually works, thanks :) unfortunately, I'm triggering samples from a midi keyboard, most of the time using only one hand, so I don't know if I'll be able to use this trick on gigs. But I'll try :)
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