Option to rename samples when renaming pad

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I'm fussy about file names. boom808-2567842, an example auto-created file name from the slicer, isn't convenient for remembering what it is. One can rename the pad to something like boom808-BD, but the corresponding sample remains cryptic. If you do rename the sample, the song/bank will fail to find it on reopen.

So my suggestions:

  • Have an option to save the pad name to the sample name when renaming a pad.

BUT ... I just realized that will break any other banks using the sample! So ...

  • Link pads to a unique internal file handle rather than the file name and location. This will stop the continual breakage of banks and songs if samples are moved, or renamed.

AND ...

  • Make a check when deleting a sample whether it's used anywhere. Don't allow deletion, or throw up a "Warning!" dialog, if the sample is in use.

Oops. That makes three requests in one thread. I'll break them up if that will help. I really think the last two would help with many of what people are reporting as bugs, but are really just lost connections to samples. I'm pretty sure you have some file-handle going on in the background since the song will continue to function until closed and re-opened. So hopefully that could be preserved some way when the song or bank is saved?


  • Just allow sample renaming from within the sampler/audio editor, create a really robust "Sample not found" mechanism for pad/bank loading, so if the name has changed then it should be easy enough to fix any pad/bank that you reload later.
    Sample naming should be included, not including features because somebody may stupidly break a previous save, that is pure nonsense, what is next, not including a gain control in the sampler because somebody may distort a sound by mistake, features can't be ignored because somebody somewhere has no clue what they are doing.

  • Blocs Wave is very well designed in this regard. And it's free so no cost to check it out!

  • I wish this would be fixed as well.

  • Some of the issues raised in this thread overlap with the feature request here:

  • Indeed. And far more thoroughly too.

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