Instrument Tracks

edited July 2017 in Feature Requests
Like the pollster has suggested, we can leave the banks alone, and generate instrument tracks that have their own sets of patterns and a slot on the timeline that perhaps can be collapsed back down to bank view.

The reason this change should be made is to fortify BM3's position as the nearest thing to a full fledged DAW that musicians of all backgrounds, classical to hip-hop, can feel comfortable working in as a contained, yet flexible, streamlined environment.

If someone wishes to compose a symphony, or is a movie trailer composer, there may well be one hundred instruments performing myriad phrases, passages, and sections.

Imagine that the entire production could well be structurally categorized into eight sections (strings, percussion, brass), but the myriad phrases, melodies, and patterns in each of those sections, to be functionally deployed in a scene timeline environment, would need to be able to be individually visible and accessible.

If not, producers of this type of music will have to look elsewhere on iOS for a solution, and will fail, because there is none.

Ensure that BM3 fills this position while it has the poise and opportunity to. Be the solution for EVERYBODY.
Make BM3 a solution for all musicians.
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