Pad Specific Note Assignments / Scales

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BamBros have some great drum synths, but no way to change the note binding they use. In BM3, putting a bank into KEYS mode does work, but notes are dispersed over the octave selected. It would be great to be able to long press a PAD, select its note arbitrarily, and also give it a label. Voila - a saveable Ruismaker controller/performer preset. I'm pretty sure there must be other plugins, especially drum synths (DM2/SeekBeats/Arturia iSpark/Patterning/Elastic Drums etc) that would also benefit from custom note mappings on pads. Don't get me wrong, its a very good thing that melodic pads are supported, but with custom note mappings, it would also be possible to apply various scales (Lydian, Harmonic Minor etc etc). Hope you consider the feature (or let me know if I missed anything) :wink:


  • Scales are already present in BM3 :)

    For Ruismaker / Ruismaker FM try this...

  • Ha ha ha! Nice one samu :smiley: I think I'm just not finding the UI to be too natural. I shouldn't be too surprised that they've covered that - excellent stuff. Thanks again :wink:

  • Still hoping for custom scales and/or .scale import, though.

  • In retrospect arronp, I agree. samus workaround for ruismaker got me out of a tight spot, but it doesn't solve the problem of custom note mappings.

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    @Nick Ok, there's a video on youtube with the workaround that you want but I have to warn you that it's not going to be fun. Load a dummy sample into every pad you intend to use, a dummy sample meaning a silent sample. In each pad setting set your midi out. You can save time by doing this once, then copying and pasting. Then adjust the sample note to the desired pitch for each pad. Finally, solo only the first pad as each pad linked to the AU will bus the audio making it very loud.

    The faster method would to be to resample your AU instrument. That's the best advice I can think of until they add new midi features...

  • Cheers for your input @LucidMusicInc. I hope (and more or less trust) future releases will address issues such as this. Respect to the developers - I would dread their JIRA - this is one wide ranging app!
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