Gain/Filter and Modulation insert.

edited July 2017 in Feature Requests
Not sure if modulation is on the cards for Pad FX, if not, as a priority can we get a simple Gain and the SV Filter as a pad insert on the sampler as a huge priority please.

Sorry if that sounds dramatic, but not only am i putting off certian tutorials, but also i am putting off sound bank design right now too, and it seems it is the number one complaint about BM3, not enough content.

Right now it is impossible to really build up a bank of quality sounds just using per layer Gain/Filter, we really need those post layers with modulation.
Example, I want to create a simple 3 osc synth, i have to have 3 gains/3 filters, 3 amp envelopes with the exact same settings, that if i tweak one layer, i have to go through all layers and tweak all to match, 3 filter envelopes and 3 filter LFOs all with the same tweak and tweak issue.

I really want to put out banks for users, but cant right now.
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