3rd sample browser > pad option - 'join'

A 3rd option would be cool (currently there's replace or add layer) where a sample dragged from browser would join immediately after the current sample. Either as a slice (ideal) or merged to one wav. Would be a killer workflow for making sample chains/drumkit on a single pad..


  • Ooooh, nice!

  • +1 this will be super when we get the option to load multiple samples or even folders of samples in in go.

  • By slice, do you mean on a different key ?
    I think i have read tis a few times now, where a sample on a different key is referred to as a slice, just checking.

  • I meant like an option of having samples lineup directly adjacently to each other in the wav preview when dragged from browser in to the sample wav preview. So that drag/import sample would = create slice. Then we could make sample chains (which in BM3 kind of enable some Op1/Octatrack functionality) really, really fast from a bunch of samples with zero fuss :)
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    Aaaah ok, i have changed it in the feature request list then, i assumed you meant a "Load sample to current layer, next key" which is also needed.

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    Cool, thanks :)
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