How do I record Chords & Scales changes?

So I loaded a sample in a bank, switched to Keys, and created a pattern with the Chords & Scales set to "Interval Minor 7th". Next I created second pattern with the Chords set to "Interval Minor 6th" but then discovered that the first pattern switched to "Interval Minor 6th" as well... What am I doing wrong here? How can I record switching between those 2 Chords?


  • I noticed the pattern does not record the individual notes making up a chord when pressing a chord pad. Is this a bug or an intended feature? :)

  • Once the first update is out, I will file any outstanding and new (if any) Bugs, in the 'Bug reports' category.

    I only give apps reviews on the AppStore when I can give 5 stars. Looking forward to giving BM3 a review..
    Hope this update arrives quickly!


  • Does anyone know if this is ever going to be updated?
    Need to be able to switch chords & scales on the fly.. would be even better if we could assign them to pads! Would be like getting kordbot included!

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