Assign Macros to External Apps/Hardware via MIDI learn

Is it possible to assign the macros to external apps? For example I'm using Sunrizer as IAA, what I would like to do is assign one of the Macros to the cutoff filter and then automate this in my track. I thought I could use Midi learn in the app and it would pick it up automatically but it seems I misunderstood how macros worked.


  • You can assign the parameters for AU apps to macro knobs. I haven't been able to do this for IAA apps hosted in BM3.

  • AU is reporting its parameters to BM3, so it can see what is available and allow assignment of Macro dials, IAA however will not report anything to its connected apps, so i suspect that you would need to use MIDI CC.

    A good idea for the devs here would be to go look at Modsteps MIDI templates, then do it in a really slick way, Modstep is a good idea, but has very poor UI/X, like the rest of Modstep in fact, good ideas, laid out poorly.

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