Pattern editing

Please include a button to hold that can erase notes on a particular key /pad when recording. A pad erase button. Clear all notes and clear automations would be welcomed as well. In the pattern editor the loop end point can be moved but not loop beginning. This needs to be fixed as well. Vertical zoom is unnecessary in pianoroll I think.


  • Pad erase button already exists in pad mode when in record.

  • @5pinlink Can you explain more about how this works? Is it anything like how my old Alesis SR-16 drum machine would work, where I hold the delete key and hit a drum pad (or hold it if the pattern is running) and that drum will be deleted? I liked that aspect of that machine actually!
  • When in record and in pad view, there is an erase button, turn it on, any pad you hold while it is playing will delete that pads trigger data from the pattern, sounds similar to the Alesis and is exactly the same as the Roland/Boss drum boxes.

  • Wicked, didn't know about this. I like it!
  • @OscarSouth it appeared in 3.02 I think. Yes it's great.
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