Suggestions for Sample Edit screen to improve workflow!

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I would like to see a toggle option with the play button as to whether you want the sample to play only while holding it down, play all the way through once with a single tap, or play on loop with a single tap of the play button. Having to hold down that play button and waiting for the whole sample to play is quite time consuming, especially if your finger moves off of the play button then you gotta restart from the beginning. This is really tedious especially when breaking down samples imported from the music library and you're dealing with going through whole songs, and chopping out what you want.

I'd also like while editing samples to be able to keep the loop that your working on keep playing while one is adjusting parameters, and again without having to hold the play button. Some MPC's have a feature that when you adjust the loop points while sample editing, that the play head will automatically jump a few seconds towards the end of the loop so you can hear the loop point immediately after making the adjustment. That speeds things up considerably!

I'd also like to be able to tap on a timeline of the sample and have the sample play at that point. Almost like needle dropping on an actual record. Would be extremely useful when going through whole songs imported from the music library.

As of right now, sample editing is a bit of a PITA, frustrating, and is quite time consuming on BM3. I'd really like more features to speed up the process and make it less of a hassle. I find myself going back to my ageing MPC just cause the workflow is better, even though BM3 has certain features that I'd like to use as my MPC doesn't have them. Sample editing on BM3 really takes the wind out of my sails.


  • These are all good suggestions.

  • @handed said:
    These are all good suggestions.

    Thank you!

    I'd also like to add, that when editing a sample, pinching and zooming, sometimes it automatically switches between START/END & LOOP zooming you out of the sample that you're working on editing. It would be nice if the automatic zooming out wouldn't happen, because then we wouldn't have to re-pinch and zoom back in every time that happens.

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