More flexibility in keyboard mode

One way to decrease taps to get somewhere and speed work flow up would be to add in keyboard mode a piano roll button to get to your midi pattern so you can edit without having to go to the timeline. It can be just for that channel. A simple shortcut would do the trick especially when working the keyboard mode when playing au instruments And a volume/fx option while in au/sampler mode would help work flow instead of going back a screen every time. put a small fx button like every other screen so you can sample the effects wet instead of dry and having to add effects later or test it out.

Also when in pattern edit keyboard mode be able to switch between pads when editing midi. You have to go back a screen to get to the next pattern to edit when it would be easier just to hit the number when editing to go to the next line. And a chance to rename a pad in midi editor mode.

A over lap midi/select all would be cool to see if all notes line up in that bank.

Is there a way to set the grid to 1/16 per so every time you open a new session you don't have to reset again?

Costemetic wise brighten the white lines in piano role just a bit? They are hard to see in bright area when screen is dim


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    > Also when in pattern edit keyboard mode be able to switch between pads when editing midi.

    Top right corner of pattern editor keyboard icon toggles between pad selection/triggering and keyboard mode. The icon ought to change when toggled to give people a clue. When pad trigger mode is active the keyboard icon should be the bank icon. Toggle back to keyboard mode to enter the melody notes.

    I totally agree that the sidebar should remain visible in the keyboard performance mode. The same applies to the plugin keyboard.

    The keyboard icon should be moved to the sidebar to allow toggling from pad performance to pattern editor to keyboard performance etc.

    The space above the keyboard where macros are could be assigned for something else because the macros and fx sidebar could be toggled on or off.

    Where the macros section used to be, a bank/pad selector control could be added. Maybe a scale/chord button could be added.

    A full size keyboard overview that could be tapped to quickly move to an octave or root key (e.g. Cubasis) could be added. To my mind the keyboard page is too inconsistent with the rest of the app design.
  • Some great suggestions in this thread :) Most obviously the keys icon being added to the left column. Seems like an easy/solid workflow improvement for less clicks. Surprised this one hasn't been added in the early updates. Maybe its more complicated to implement/code than it appears to be on the surface?
  • I would like to see the 2 level keyboard (as in BM2) return to BM3's onscreen keyboard, it was very useful...

  • This thread's got some big +1s in it for overall BM3 workflow. Hopefully see some of these ui tweaks in the next update. They're not 'bugs' as such, but some major vibe killers...
  • Liking those suggestion, some are already planned :-)

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