Specify ipad mic vs headphones mic

Have a feeling this one is down to Apple. But would be useful to be able to select the iPad hardware mic as opposed to the headphones mic. Is there an ipad setting anywhere?

I don't have any in-ear headphones without a mic on them atm and using the mic picks up a ton of headphones out on the mic signal. Also guessing the iPad mic is slightly better quality?


  • Technically it should be possible to select any of the iPad/iPhone mics for recording?!

    The iPad Air 2 for example has 3 mics (bottom, top and back).
    I would love this option in apps such as AudioShare as well and I'm apparently not alone asking for this.

    Apps such as FilmicPro allow the user to select which of the mics to use for the audio recording.

    I mentioned this 'mic/input selection' to @mathieugarcia during beta and it appears it should be quite easy to implement?!

    Theoretically we should get 'cleaner' recordings since iOS would not need to mix multiple mic sources to generate the 'microphone input'.

    Naturally an option to disable iOS processing could be implemented when recording using the built-in mic or 'line-input' from the 3.5mm jack(ex. Røde SmartLav+) on those devices that still have them.

    When I attach a 'regular'(ie. not one of those with 3 rings) headphones to the iPad I can still use the built-in mic?!

  • Can you try unplugging the headphones while using the mic and see if there's any noticeable difference?

    Also you can adjust the threshold, move it up, to eliminate a lot of noise.
  • As far as I know there is no manual 'gain' adjustment in BM3 when using the built-in mic(or an attached headset).
    iOS processing with AGC(Automatic Gain Control) is always enabled.

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