Feature Request: Built in WiFi Drive

Kymaticas WiFi Drive in AudioShare is an extremely well thought out feature. It allows you to start a simple iOS based http server within the app which allows you to visit a webpage on your local network and manage your content from there. Would love to see a similar sample management tool in BM3. Would solve a lot of headaches with regard to importing and exporting sample banks, and relatively easy to implement: boot BM3 WiFi Drive, visit its page on your mac/Linux/windows machine... drag and drop glory awaits,,,


  • SMB client & server was suggested during beta and has to my knowledge been added to the back-log.

    This would/will allow easy integration with computers (Mac, Windows & Linux) and also allow things like iOS<->iOS sync (ie. sync BM3 content between two or more devices). BM3's Documents folder would just pop-up on the in the Finder/Windows Explorer/Nautilus etc (or on the other iOS device running BM3) as a network attached drive.

    The client on the other hand would allow you to browse your computers or network drives and access their content.

    With the upcoming Mac version of BM3 i feel SMB is the way to go here.

  • Mac version?
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