Double tap a pad to bring up sample page

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  • this could be problematic, as i use the pads on the screen for composing? Why should a double tap open the sample in editor instead of playing a drum 2 times?

  • That could work when if there was an optional 'pad edit mode' that could also be used to move/re-arrange and edit multiple parameters of the pads.(tap-n-drag to re-arrange pads etc.).

    Most of the time I use the iPad as a 'stand-alone' device so the screen is used for both playing and editing.

    I do get that users who solely use an external device to trigger/play BM3 may wan't to use the iPad only for editing and perform using an external device and in those cases double-tap to bring up the sample-page would make sense.

  • +1 for "pad edit mode"

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  • When I'm editing pads I use the mini-pads in the edit view to switch between the pads.

    Maybe a 'focus actions' to switch between edit-page and pads-view could be an option?
    (Ie. trigger/select a pad using the external controller and tap an assigned focus action button to switch to edit view).

  • Im a little confused, how is a double tap on a pad (Two clicks) or a Pad edit button (Select button to select pad, two clicks, pad edit button to edit, one click, three clicks total) any better than, click on sample edit button, and select pad on the mini pads (two clicks) ?

    I am not shooting the idea down here at all by the way, just want to understand why it would be quicker ?

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    I do see what you mean, when you double click the bank name and it opens the browser, you kind of expect that the pad name below it will open the browser when double clicked, but maybe it is waiting for saving of channels/instruments/pads to be implemented ?

    But i do get your idea for sure.
  • Even the long press could be problematic if you're used to holding down the pads for drum rolls. I think the way it works now is great.

  • +1 for a edit pads mode. Anything else would interfere with playing surely!

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  • Personally i dont like the idea of anything on pad play mode, double long or swipes, but again that is just me.
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